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Supporting Seal Rescue Ireland through the sponsorship of one of our ICUs, kennels or pools is a fantastic way to align your brand and image with our sustainable and conservational work! 

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Being a part of this unique sponsorship programme will give you the opportunity to promote your brand with our large international social media following, and in turn, provide crucial funding for Seal Rescue Ireland to continue to rescue, treat and rehabilitate seal pups and support our conservational work!

If you are interested in supporting Seal Rescue Ireland through sponsorship of an ICU, Kennel or Pool, please email us

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Join us today and become a prominent member of the Seal Rescue Ireland community! There are several sponsorship options available to suit your needs and budget.

Check below to see which Membership Level you would prefer!


Annual Sponsorship

Benefits of Sponsorship:

Pool Sponsorship

( 4 Available )

€1200.00 Per Year

Kennel Sponsorship

( 12 Available )

€600.00 Per Year

ICU Sponsorship

( 6 Available )

€500.00 Per Year

Prime Promotional Space- Your support will be clearly displayed on a sign above your Pool / Kennel / ICU, which is visible to all on-site visitors (over 9,000 last year!), as well as our 2 million+ social media followers through live streams, video tours and photo updates on our pups!

Worldwide Announcement of your Sponsorship on SRI’s Facebook page (over 107k + global followers) as well as Instagram (127,000+ followers), Twitter (5.8k followers) and TikTok (1.8million followers).

 2x Promotional Social Media Posts of thanks during the year.

Your Name / Logo will be featured on Seal Rescue Ireland’s website linking to your business’s website!

Framed Certificate of Sponsorship for display in your business!

Complimentary Tickets to Seal Rescue Ireland’s Seal Feed and Enrichment Experience!

A complimentary Adoption of seals!

Receive one annual Seal Rescue Irelands Calendar by post!

Exclusive Opportunity to Name a Rescue Seal.

Knowledge and Pride that you are actively contributing to local, national and global marine conservation!

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Our Supporters

Our Sponsors

Our sponsors play a vital role in supporting Seal Rescue Ireland’s mission.

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ICU Sponsors

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Would you like to ensure a future for seals in Ireland? You might consider leaving a legacy gift to Seal Rescue Ireland

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