Josh and Melanie Seal Rescue Ireland in Courtown woods for habitat restoration

Gorey Guardian: Seal Rescue Ireland to help restore Courtown Woods to former beauty

A part of Courtown Woods has been restored to its former beauty after Seal Rescue Ireland along with 300 people planted trees after the area had been trampled by heavy machinery.

Seal Rescue Ireland, in partnership with Wexford County Council and Springmount Garden Centre, purchased some 350 trees after Courtown Woods was destroyed during the storm protection programme last year when Courtown Harbour was dredged. Rock armour was placed along the beach to prevent rapid erosion and as a result some of the forestry needed to be trampled for machinery to move through the forest to access the beach. The trees planted include hawthorn, hazel and birch.

Melanie Croce, centre manager of Seal Rescue Ireland, explained that planting vegetation has never been more important due to the increasing frequency and severity of extreme weather events.


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