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Your legacy can be the gift of life!

Will you join us in building a better future for Ireland’s environment, oceans and beautiful seals? Ireland’s seals are ambassadors for a sustainable and bright future for all of us sharing this planet together. Our vision is for a world where the seals don’t need our help, with everyone looking out for the best interests of local wildlife and a flourishing environment.

With a legacy gift in your Will, you can help make this dream a reality.

No gift is too small!

Our organisation was built by a community of like-minded people, no matter what their circumstances. Now it has grown into a sustainable not-for-profit with great plans for the future! For more information about leaving us a legacy gift, please contact Kim at

  • SRI are members of
  • Registered Charity Number is 20108519, CHY 21315
  • Why make a will? Find out more here.
green seal graphic Blue seal graphic Georgina Lardiés
legacies cover
Luna in the arms of our Executive Director
our impact 2020 infographic from your support in 2020 throughout the covid 19 pandemic we rescued one hundred and seventy seals released a hundred and eight trained two hundred and twelve rescue network volunteers planted three thousand eight hundred trees welcomed one thousand nine hundred visitors and held one hundred and two outreach events

Why leave a legacy gift?

• You have a personal connection to/ belief in our cause.
• You want to leave a lasting mark on the world.
• You have hopes for a positive future.
• You have the support of your family members to recognize a cause that means something to you.
• To make a dedication to one of your loved ones.

Our promise to you

  • We know that your family and loved ones are a priority. Once you have provided for them we hope you’ll remember our crucial wildlife rehab and conservation work.
  • Your privacy is our policy and priority.  Your details will remain confidential.
  • You may choose whether your support is shown on our website. We want to recognize your generosity if this is your wish!
  • We understand this gift means a lot to you and we are very grateful. We will use this gift to create your live-giving legacy.
  • We will not pressure you, this is an important decision for you and we respect your choice.
  • Your gift will be a direct investment in the lives of seals, our environment and our precious biodiversity. We care looking after them now but you can ensure that they will be cared for in generations to come.
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