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Our Vision:
Healthy Seas, Healthy Seals

Seal Rescue Ireland (SRI)  is a charity organisation that works around the clock to rescue, rehabilitate and release native seals found sick, injured or orphaned from across the coast of Ireland. As the only seal rescue centre within the Republic of Ireland, we respond to reports nationwide and aim to rehabilitate the pups back to full health so that they can be returned to the wild.

SRI strives to promote ocean conservation and sustainability through proactive education, community engagement and research programmes, in order to protect our marine environment and all life within.


& Release

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Seal Rescue Ireland (SRI)’s facility, based in Courtown, Co Wexford is open 7 days a week to welcome and educate visitors on threats facing marine life and promote ocean conservation and sustainability in order to protect our seas and all who inhabit them.

We strive to forge a connection between the public and our marine mammal patients, to raise awareness about pressing environmental issues including climate change, pollution and threats to biodiversity, to protect our seals in the wild. SRI’s work is made possible almost entirely due to the dedication of volunteers and the generosity of public donations.

Established in Dingle, Co Kerry on June 2010 as  ‘Dingle Wildlife and Seal Sanctuary’, the original facility was damaged due to a terrible storm in March 2014. At that point, the base of operations moved to the current site in Courtown, Co Wexford and became recognised as ‘Seal Rescue Ireland’ where we’ve continued our work ever since.

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