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What to do if you see a seal in distress:

Dont touch seals

Do NOT approach seals or attempt to put them in water. Please remain at least 100 m distance and keep dogs away.

┬áCall Seal Rescue Ireland’s 24/7 Rescue Hotline: 087 1955393

Quiz: What do you do if you see a seal in distress?

1) Put it in the water?


Seals are on land for a reason. Putting them in the water may cause hypothermia or drowning .

2) Lift the seal off the beach?


Please do not move, disturb or interact with any wild seals as it may lead to theirs mothers abandoning them! They are protected under the 1972 Marine mammal Protection Act.

3) Maintain a safe distance and call SRI's Hotline?


We are trained professionals with years of experience and a marine mammal handling license, we’ll be happy to guide you.
087 195 5393

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