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Seal Adoptions


5.0 (7 reviews)

All adoption packages are sent via email not post and may take up to 7 days to reach your inbox. If you are adopting more seals than are currently available, we will automatically send you adoption packages for the next seal(s) that become available.


Please scroll down to purchasing notes before completing order.

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Each adoption pack includes:

  • A personalised Certificate of Adoption for you to put on your wall at home or work 
  • The full rescue story of your chosen seal/s
  • A link and password to view regular ‘PUPdates’ so you’ll be able to follow your seal/s during care.
  • An invitation to your seal/s release.

Purchasing notes:

  1. Please choose the seals you wish to adopt: Eco adopt=1 seal, Best Buddies=2 seals, Pool Buddies=5 seals. If you are adopting more seals than are currently available, we will automatically send you adoption packages for the next seal(s) that become available.
  2. You will receive email confirmation once your transaction has been processed.
  3. Your adoption material will arrive via email within 7 days, with regular updates posted at random intervals depending on your seals progress, so please check on your seal regularly to see them heal and grow through rehab.


  • All emails will be sent to the email connected to the card or Paypal account you pay with. As a result of GDPR, we cannot send adoption packs directly to anyone but yourself. Please reply to the adoptions email to change the email address if necessary.
  • The seal you chose to adopt is an ambassador for all the rehabilitation and conservation efforts undertaken by SRI. By purchasing an adoption you are supporting all aspects of our work. 

Donor Charter

Good Morning Blazar:

Cloudberry’s Release


Additional information

Adoption Packages

Adopt A Seal: 1 Seal (€30.00), Best Buddies Package: 2 Seals (€50.00), Pool Pals Package: 5 Seals (€100.00)

7 reviews for Seal Adoptions

  1. Kayla Nel

    Love and appreciate the work you all do

  2. Ekaterina O’Toole

    Love the opportunity to help seals in need of vet help or abandoned as pups

  3. Susan Kichnet (verified owner)

    Thank you for giving me the opportunity to get involved in helping an animal in need.

    • Jesh

      Thank you so much Susan, that is incredibly kind of you. We appreciate your love and support. J

  4. Emmanuelle Costanzo (verified owner)

    My 1st time adopting a seal and already in love with it !

    • Jesh

      Thank you very much, we are so happy you are enjoying your adoption.

  5. Pauline carroll

    Wonderfully job ur doing

    • Jesh

      Thank you very much Pauline, we hope you enjoy the effort we put into making our supporters feel a part of the team.

  6. Mackenzie Dalglish (verified owner)

    100% worth it, I’ve adopted several seals over the past year and I love seeing updates on them as they get healthy and ready to return home. My only regret is I can’t be there to see their release!

    • Jesh

      Thank you for your generous support, we hope you can join us one this COVID-19 chapter closes.

  7. Patricia Rudikoff

    We know Gail from The Oasis Sanctuary in Arizona (Parrots) and our love ❤️ for all creatures makes us want to help support your operation! Thanks!

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