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We’re well on our way to planting 25,000 native Irish trees.

From just €5.00 you can help us plant certified, native, deciduous trees in our Watershed. This will help us:

  • return spaces back to nature
  • help alleviate the challenges of the climate and biodiversity crises
  • restore the health of our waterways
  • manage soil erosion

You’ll be updated when your trees have been planted, so that you can visit them and hopefully one day you’ll sit in their shade with the badgers and foxes.

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By supporting Seal Rescue Ireland’s tree-planting you’ll help restore precious riparian habits throughout the Owenavorragh (Ounavarra) Priority Area for Action (EPA).

This project aims to:

  • increase terrestrial, freshwater and marine habitat and biodiversity.
  • mitigate climate change
  • improve local water quality
  • prevent further loss of valuable topsoil via erosion.

We’ll be planting certified, native species including Wild Cherry, Sessile Oak, Hawthorn, Hazel, Birch, Goat Willow, Alder, and Blackthorn. Together they will produce a thriving riparian habitat, create a natural filtration system, prevent erosion and stop pollutants from flowing into our waterways.

We will continue to tie together the efforts of conservationists, farmers and fisheries to create a more sustainable environment for all.

Thank you for joining our proactive conservation efforts and helping us to restore these fragile habitats.


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