Winter Appeal: Hospital Upgrade

As SRI prepares for the upcoming Grey Seal pupping season, we anticipate a wave of new intakes which will each require around-the-clock care, and life-saving resources. We are always striving to improve our animal welfare and safety standards, and are currently undertaking hospital maintenance and improvement projects to ensure we are fully prepared to provide the best possible care for the pups we receive throughout the upcoming winter!

All donations from this campaign go directly towards the maintenance and improvements of the seal hospital to ensure that SRI can continue to take in sick, injured and orphaned seal pups who would otherwise be neglected, and give them a second chance at life in the wild. Without the support and generosity of donors like you, our work would not be possible.

We need: €15,000

This will fund:
  • Nursery Pool Pump Repair
  • Fish Fridge Replacement
  • AED Maintenance
  • Water Filtration Improvements
  • Physio Pool Pump Repair
  • Kennel Maintenance and Glass Repair
  • Medication Fridge Replacement
  • Herding Boards Replacements
  • Washing Machine Replacement
  • Dryer Replacement
  • Load Bars for Weigh Scale
  • Water Tank Cleaning & Maintenance
  • New Feeding Syringes
  • New Feeding Tubes
  • Fire Safety Upgrades
  • Water Quality Testing

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