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Are you looking for a rewarding wildlife rescue opportunity? This no-experience-needed programme will have you rescuing and transporting orphaned, sick and injured seal pups in no time.

Key Outcomes of Workshop:

  • Learn the fundamental ecology of seals and their environment.
  • How to determine if a seal is in need of care based on its physical condition and behaviour.
  • How to lift an orphaned, sick or injured seal and transport it. 
  • How to engage with the public when a distressed or healthy seal is found.

Every year, Seal Rescue Ireland a growing number of reports of distressed or stranded seals from around the entire coast of the Republic of Ireland. Whether that’s due to growing environmental threats or increased public awareness of our services, we now need more trained volunteers nationwide than ever before.

We host regular Rescue Training Workshops at locations all across the country. Currently we have a growing network of over 900 trained rescue volunteers nationwide. After attending just one, 4 hour workshop, you’ll be qualified to operate under Seal Rescue Ireland’s Wildlife Handling License.

Upcoming Seal Rescue Training Workshops:

  • ……. to be confirmed

Programme Duration:

6 months -10+ years


One-off, €35 Workshop and Materials fee.

Check out the Interactive Map to find the nearest training to you!