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What to do if you find a seal:

  1. Please DO NOT approach seals or attempt to put them in water.
  2. Please remain at least 100 m away and keep dogs on a leash.
  3. Call or Email Seal Rescue Ireland’s 24/7 Rescue Hotline:
    087 1955393
    [email protected]
  4. Whether you phone or email us, please answer all the following questions, which will ensure our team has all the information they need to address each seal in need.

Required Information:

Location (Beach, County, GPS Coordinates if possible):
Size of seal (compare to a dog breed):
Colour of seal:
Any visible Injuries?
Are there any other seals nearby, on land or in water?
Photos/Videos of seal (if possible):
Your Name:
Your Contact Phone:
Your Contact Email:
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