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Seal Rescue Ireland Infographic. What to do when you've Found a Seal? Keep a 100m distance. Disturbance may lead to mothers abandoning pups. Don't put the seal in the water. They are on land for a reason. Don't touch seals. They are wild animals and will bite. Keep dogs on a leash. They may injure or pass diseases to each other.
If you are unable to reach us by phone / Whatsapp, you can report a seal using the e-form below:
Click or drag files to this area to upload. You can upload up to 5 files.

How do we rescue seals?

Seal Rescue Ireland is the only seal rescue centre within the Republic of Ireland covering 6000+km of coastline! We respond to calls nationwide on our 24/7 Rescue Hotline and aim to rehabilitate pups back to full health so that they can be returned to the wild.

When we receive a report about a seal in distress, our Rescue Network Volunteers go to the location and send photos, videos and information to our Animal Care Team so they can assess the pup’s condition. If the seal pup is in need of rescue, we have over 800 active members on our Rescue Network who are fully trained to help lift and safely transport the seal for different legs of the journey all the way to our centre in Courtown.

We rescue as many as 170 seals each year and 2020 was a record-breaking year for rescues.

If you find an injured or orphaned wild animal PLEASE DO NOT touch or pick it up unless it is in immediate danger.

Seals Rescued in Ireland graph from 2010 to 2021
Atria, County Donegal
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