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Seal Adoptions for Australian Bushfire Appeal

We are heartbroken watching the devastation being experienced by so many people in Australia, and the incomprehensible decimation of wildlife populations and the bush land they call home. Over 18.6 million hectares have been burned, just under 6000 buildings including homes destroyed, at least 30 people confirmed dead and many more missing, and shockingly over a billion animals killed nationwide.

With our “Botanicals” name theme this season, we have chosen two iconic¬†Australian¬†plants to name our seals; “Waratah” and “Banksia”, and for every Seal Adoption purchased for these two pups, we will send 50% of the funds to a worthy fundraiser that will directly help wildlife in need.

waratah and banksia image
We’ve chosen a lesser known fundraiser to promote, as many of the bigger organisations that are better known have now received millions of dollars, and we are aware it will take time for that money, if any, to funnel down to some of the smaller places that are in desperate need NOW. We have chosen “Wildlife Rescue Sunshine Coast” which is a small wildlife rescue centre in QLD (Check out their Facebook Page for regular updates). They are raising money for two purposes;

1. To drop large amounts of food in and around the burnt areas via helicopter where wildlife that have survived the blazes remain but have no food left to eat and are now facing starving to death. To donate directly to this cause click HERE!

2. As they receive donations they are actually instantly sending on sums of $5000 – $10,000 to SMALL wildlife rescue carers and groups around Australia who are on the front line rescuing animals yet not receiving any support or desperately needed funds! To donate directly to this cause click HERE!

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As a small rescue ourselves we can fully appreciate how you can feel totally abandoned during a crisis. This fundraiser is ensuring the little guys aren’t abandoned and receive the help they need to get supplies for building enclosures, and purchasing food, medicine and essential equipment to care for the influx of animals they are now drowning in. If you can, please adopt one our pups, or feel free to donate directly.


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