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Meet Blazar!

Our first Common seal pup into our centre this year. With a new season comes a whole new batch of names, this time our followers voted for a Celestial theme. Blazar named after one of the most energetic and violent things in the galaxy, a Blazar. Luckily this sweet little pup is not living up to his name.

Most sick, injured and orphaned seal pups rescued by SRI spend 3-4 months in care before becoming healthy and strong enough for release. Although, Seal Rescue Ireland does not keep permanent resident seals, the long and staggered pupping seasons means we have seal patients in our care all year round.

If you would like to support one of our current pups in care, ADOPT a seal below!

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Jupiter Jupiter
IMG_6785 copy Galaxy
VEGA1 copy Vega
Phoenix bath Phoenix
Hubble Bath Hubble

Current Patients

Please Note- Not all seals in care are currently available for adoption as they are in various stages of care.
This chart was last updated 04/09/2020.

Adoption Preview Videos

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