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Sponsorships directly impact the heart of our organisation, allowing us to advance animal care and conservation!

Our sponsorships are designed to be mutually beneficial and impactful to our shared goals of animal welfare and ocean conservation. Through collaboration we strive to provide a bright, sustainable future for animals, humans and our shared environment.

We offer 3 prime sponsorship opportunities, which are crucial for maintaining our seal rescue facility and providing the necessary care for all of our patients.  We have 6 Intensive Care Units, 12 kennels and 4 pools for yearly sponsorship. Kennel and pool sponsors receive highly visible signs in front of the pool/kennel they sponsor. Sponsorships allow individuals or businesses to promote their support of our work to over 35,000 visitors every year, along with rights to advertise your sponsorship. Your sponsorship may also harness free advertising on many of the vlogs, tv shows and documentaries that are filmed at our seal rescue centre.

As our number of seal intakes continues to increase each year, our sponsorship of an ICU, kennel or pool will allow us to continue providing life saving care and provide crucial funding to cover SRI’s ever growing operational costs.

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