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SRI Newsletters 2023

Double Pupdate - August - September

Grey Seal Pupping has kicked off! Get a sneak peak into our ICU to see our new arrivals.  Meet our seal-brities of the month & get the low down on what’s been happening at the rescue over the last 2 months!

June 5th Pupdate

Meet our newest arrival, find out how you can help newborn common seals, stay with their mums.  Find out all the news from Seal Rescue Ireland in this month’s newsletter!

May 5th Update

Seal Season is upon us! Past Patient Spotted! Seal Releases! Discounts, Events & FREE Rescue Training! Time to make a cuppa & relax for a read!

April 5th Pupdate

Welcome to our Easter Members Newsletter, full of eggciting new events, our pup releases, and our final Habitat Restoration Planting of the Season!

March 3rd Pupdate!

Spring is in the air, bringing positive news to Seal Rescue Ireland! Meet Positive Paddy, our St. Patrick’s seal, witness our most recent seal releases, celebrate our 20,000th tree planted & read our habitat restoration impact report!

February Pup-date - Sealed with a Kiss!

In this month’s Issue: Sealebrity of the month, A Seal Skeleton, Habitat Restoration Updates, Valentine’s Date Ideas, New Research Underway & A Fairwell Message from our Executive Director, Melanie Croce.

New Years Newsletter!

In Our New Years Issue: SRI’s community of supporters have done it again! Check out our 2022 Roundup of Impact Figures and see how your support has made a big difference! We also have some wonderful seal content for you with our sealebrity of the month and to celebrate the new year, and new beginnings, we have a recent seal release video to share with you!

SRI Newsletter 2022

Squishy face grey seal

November Pup-date!

November – In this Issue: It’s time to sit back, get a cup of tea, and settle in for some exciting updates in this month’s newsletter! We have seal-ebrities, seal releases, tree- mendous sustainable gift ideas, and much more!


Chamber Commerce Award Winners

SRI Newsletter - May 2022

SRI attended the Wexford Business Awards Gala on Friday 27th of May, hosted by the Wexford Chamber of Commerce, and were blown away when we won not one but TWO categories! Green Award for Environmental Best Practice as well as Social Enterprise Outstanding Achievement.

SRI Newsletter - April 2022

National Biodiversity Week is coming up from 15-22nd May! #NoMowMay is a movement that aims to create a healthy and sustainable ecosystem in all back gardens. Leave your lawnmower in the shed this May and let the flowers grow! You’ll be surprised at how quickly ‘short flowers’ like daisies, clover and dandelions begin to grow!

SRI Newsletter - March 2022

March has been a BIG month for seal releases, as TEN more healthy Grey Seal pups went back home to the sea after completing rehabilitation! Cape Seahorse, Beluga Sturgeon and Purple Marsh Crab headed out early in the month, Seahorse having beat the odds, recovering from a dislocation on her back flipper. Good luck little guys!

SRI Newsletter - February 2022

This Valentine’s Day, our fantastic team of interns took a cue from our brave seal pups and charged into the chilly Irish sea to raise money for seal conservation! The group collectively raised nearly €2000 by pledging to take the icy plunge. If inspired to raise funds and awareness for SRI yourself, we would encourage you to start a Seal Dip of your own, or any other fundraiser idea you may have!

common pup embraced by the waves

SRI Newsletter - January 2022

It’s moulting season for Ireland’s Grey Seals, which means they’re congregating along our coastlines. We’ve been delighted to spot a few of our own rehabbed seals out living their best lives! And we were brimming with pride to see our final common seal pups from last season finally make it out into the big wide world this past month!

SRI Newsletter - December 2021

Look at all we have accomplished in 2021 with the help of our amazing supporters! We can’t wait to help more seals, inspire and educate more members of the public, and restore more natural habitat in 2022!

SRI Newsletter - November 2021

Winter is truly here! And with the steep drop in temperatures, we are in desperate need of new heat mats to help keep our seal pups warm and comfy while they recover. After years of constant use, all 12 heat mats are showing signs of wear and tear, so to ensure the best conditions for our recovering pups it is time to replace them.
Tasmanian Devil the grey seal

SRI Newsletter - October 2021

We are rescuing Grey Seals from Ireland’s beaches left, right and centre as a stormy Autumn sets in! The Grey Seal pupping season was off to a slow start this year, and we were having an unusally quiet October… until two weeks ago!

SRI Newsletter: September 2021

September saw some of our Irish coastlines bursting with life, as little grey seal pups with their fluffy white coats started arriving! Our SRI team once again began monitoring prominent seal pupping beaches in Wicklow with the help of our many dedicated volunteers. On many trips out, we have been met with the sight of several gorgeous, healthy-looking pups and mums dotted along the beaches and coves.

August Pupdate Walrus

SRI Newsletter: August 2021

A certain Arctic visitor has been causing quite the stir in Irish waters lately! First spotted in Valencia Island, Co Kerry back in March, the walrus affectionately dubbed “Wally”, has returned to Ireland and is making his way around our coastline. SRI has been following his movements closely, monitoring his condition, and helping to mitigate disturbance and damage in the coastal communities which he visits.

July Pupdate Sunflower Sea Star

SRI Newsletter: July 2021

This past month we held a virtual Pup Shower to introduce our newest batch of common seal babies to the world! This event streamed live on our social media platforms, but in case
you missed it, you can catch it at the link below! Melanie gives a behind the scenes tour of the ICU, discusses a few rescue stories, and you even get to watch seal pups enjoying their
bathtime in the sunshine!

June Pupdate MPAs

SRI Newsletter: June 2021

Feeling hopeless about the state of our oceans? This is YOUR chance to influence real-world change! Currently, Ireland’s Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) make up only 2% of our vast marine territory, just a small fraction of the 30% advised in the EU Biodiversity Strategy. We’re supporting the target of protecting at least 30% of Irish seas by 2030.

June pupdate gilbert

SRI Newsletter: Mid June 2021

This adorable little boy was found on Sunday 6th of June on Murvagh Beach Co. Donegal, marking the start of the new pupping season! It was clear from the photos that this little pup was newborn and premature, as he still had some of his lanugo fur which common seals normally lose prior to birth.

may pupdate Atria

SRI Newsletter: May 2021

A concerning trend has emerged in May: for the first time ever, SRI has had to rescue three seal pups a second time, who had been previously rehabilitated and released last year. Hydra, North Star and Galaxy are the familiar faces that were re-rescued this past month after spending only a matter of months in the wild.

April Pupdate camelopardalis

SRI Newsletter: April 2021

After a long six months of closure to the public due to COVID-19 restrictions, we are absolutely delighted to have the opportunity to reopen our Visitors Centre to the public starting 1st of May! For the first several days we will be limiting our guests to Wexford residents, however, as of 10th of May intercounty travel will be allowed, so we are able to invite seal-lovers from all across Ireland to join us after that date! 

March pupdate walrus

SRI Newsletter: March 2021

Happy Spring from all of us at SRI! We hope you get out and enjoy that sunshine in your local wild space. As the grey seal season has started winding down, we have had the opportunity to turn our attention to new projects, such as habitat restoration, biodiversity surveys, research projects, and centre improvements.

SRI Newsletter: February 2021

Puppy love was in the air this February at our centre, and we hope you were feeling it too! Our Grey seal pups have been enjoying the return of the sun out in the pools and we’ve been hard at work caring for new pups as they continue to come in. We still have a considerable number of seals to care for with 28 hungry pups left in our centre, but quite a few will soon be ready for release!
Read on to find out what we’ve been up to this month and what’s coming up in March!

SRI Newsletter: January 2021

Our Seals in the News!

Some of our rescue seals have been making headlines this month! Among our released seals in January, we said goodbye to our superstar Réalt.His journey, from rescue through rehabilitation has been documented every step of the way by TG4. His story will be part of the network’s forthcoming “An Cuan” series on Dublin Bay and its biosphere, which will air later this year, so keep an eye out!

SRI Newsletter: December 2020

We hope you had a very Happy Christmas and wishing you a safe and healthy New Year! This year has been one of many challenges and unexpected surprises, which hasn’t been easy for anyone. We feel very fortunate, however, to have had the backing from our wonderful supporters to get us through it!

SRI Newsletter: November 2020

We’re thrilled to announce that starting this Winter, SRI is partnering with Salesforce to plant 20,000 native trees to help protect wildlife and address the negative impacts of climate change!
Thank you to our friends at Salesforce for teaming up to help us protect the future of wildlife, the environment and each other! Keep an eye out on Facebook for updates and ways you can get involved!

SRI Newsletter: October 2020

Happy Halloween from SRI. We have been keeping very busying rescuing lots of Grey Seal pups in trouble, especially after all of the strong storms we’ve encountered! In fact, we’ve seen between 50-80% increase in rescued seals since the start of this season compared last year, and are currently caring for 40 struggling pups, with plenty more on the way!

SRI Newsletter: September 2020

The leaves are starting to fall around our pools and there is a new briskness in the air–Autumn is officially here! That means that Grey Seal pupping season is in full swing and we have quite a few white-coats safely nestled in our ICU.

SRI Newsletter: August 2020

As the summer is starting to wind down, August has hit us with some wild weather, bringing in a whirlwind of new pups into trouble. We now have a staggering 26 planetary pups in our care, as well as our big boy Wax Myrtle who is ready and just days away from release.

SRI Newsletter: July 2020

With the summer in full swing and more pups coming into our Seal Rescue Centre every week, our volunteers are working hard to get these little blubbers eating fish on their own! During their rehabilitation journey, our goal is to nurse them back to health, but what a lot of people don’t know is that they usually don’t know how to eat on their own upon arrival!

SRI Newsletter: June 2020

It wouldn’t be June at SRI without baby Common Seals coming in, and what a June it’s been!

SRI Newsletter: May 2020

We are excited to announce the winning name theme for this upcoming year, that will start with the first Common Seal….Celestial Bodies!

SRI Newsletter: Mid May 2020

With June fast approaching we are preparing for common seal pupping season! As the beaches start opening again, we hope you will all be on the look out here in Ireland for any pups who look poorly.

SRI Newsletter: April 2020

At SRI we believe that collaboration and solidarity are the best ways to overcome a crisis. To put this in action, throughout March and April we ran a fundraiser to support the work of another charity which has been working in the frontlines of Covid-19.

Special Newsletter: Pulling Together Against COVID-19

15th April 2020: Some updates to brighten your day during this challenging time!

SRI Newsletter: March 2020

We made a last-minute decision to say goodbye to our queen of the pool, Arctic ringed seal Cloudberry…

SRI Newsletter: February 2020

In February, SRI began an exciting new habitat restoration project… Learn more!

SRI Newsletter: January 2020

January is historically SRI’s busiest month for intakes, and following suit, we had 19 rescues this month!

SRI Newsletter: December 2019

This December we said goodbye to many of our stong and healthy seal pups who were finally ready for the wild!

SRI Newsletter: November 2019

Meet Sneezeweed! We know his approximate age because he was in the middle of moulting his lanugo (white baby coat).

SRI Newsletter: October 2019

October at the centre means Halloween festivities! We held our annual Halloween event…

SRI Newsletter: September 2019

September brought a chill to our Rescue Centre and the seals are loving these cooler temperatures!

SRI Newsletter: August 2019

August 10th marked our first ever Sustainable Summer Fest! Our Rescue Centre was taken over by sustainable product stalls, a busy kids area and the always ongoing educational tours.

SRI Newsletter: July 2019

Wondering who this little seal circle is? Meet Baobab, our Seal Of The Month for July!

SRI Newsletter: June 2019

On June 1st, Animal Planet and The Dodo launched the latest season of the heartwarming series ‘Dodo Heroes’ which tells stories  of humans helping animals around the world.

SRI Newsletter: May 2019

The season for flowers is finally here and Seal Rescue Ireland wants to help everyone make their garden pollinator friendly!

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