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Your legacy can be the gift of life!

Have you ever considered how you will be remembered? Maybe you would consider supporting Seal Rescue Ireland. Since our establishment in 2010, we have successfully rescued, rehabilitated and released hundreds of sick, injured and orphaned seals, and have become a leading voice in conserving Ireland’s marine life. We will continue to protect them and their habitat.. but we need your help.

Why make a will? Find out more here.

Our promise to you:

  • We know that your family and loved ones are a priority. Once you have provided for them we hope you’ll remember our crucial wildlife rehab and conservation work.
  • Your privacy is our policy and priority.  Your details will remain confidential.
  • You may choose whether your support is shown on our website.
  • We understand this gift means a lot to you and we are very grateful. We will use this gift to create your live-giving legacy.
  • We will not pressure you, this is an important decision for you and we respect your choice.

Why leave a gift?

• You have a personal connection to/ belief in our cause.
• You want to leave a lasting mark on the world.
• You are reviewing your life or writing an autobiography.
• You have hopes for a positive future.
• You have the support of your family members.
• In-memory of one of your loved ones.
•Our organisation is tax exempt so your gift will make the most impact.

Clams being released

More Information:

  • No gift is too small. SRI was built on small donations, but we have big plans for the future!
  • Your gift is a direct investment in individual lives, our environment, and our precious biodiversity.
  • SRI are members of
  • Registered Charity Number is 20108519
  • CHY 21315

For more information about leaving us a legacy gift, please contact Executive Director, Melanie Croce.

Luna in the arms of our Executive Director
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