Seals at Brides Head beach - Chrish Parkes Photography

Surveying Seals at Brides Head Beach

If you’ve read the paper or listened to East Coast FM lately, you may have heard our Executive Director, Melanie Croce, talking about Seal Rescue Ireland’s collaborative partnership with Wicklow Co. Council to protect Brides Head Beach, a crucial Grey seal haul-out site, during pupping and moulting season (August – April).

Our research and community engagement teams have been there on a weekly basis ever since. They collect public opinion surveys, as well as compile valuable data regarding the number of seals, entanglements and seals with flipper tags.

We were astounded by the phenomenal public support we have received for the protection of seals transiting through this site. 100% of the 125 people surveyed stated that they would like to see the site protected for at least some of the year and 64% said they would like to see the site protected year-round. We’ll continue our public opinion surveys and keep collecting as much data on these EU and Irish-protected seals.

Grey seals were almost hunted to extinction in the past. They play a vital role as apex predators in the Irish marine ecosystem, so any safe haul-out site is incredibly valuable.

Come down to Brides Head Beach to say hi and see the spectacular views and see how we can protect our wild spaces for now and the future!


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