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Thank you very much for all the amazing work you do!

On this page, you will find all the information you’ll need to refresh your skills on rescue and community engagement protocols. There is also a form at the bottom for you to update our Rescue Network Coordinator on any changes to your location or availability.


Please Remember

Important Guidelines for Seal Rescue

  • Always consult our Animal Care team before lifting any seal.
  • You are operating under our NPWS license to interact with this protected species. Please do not share this page with anyone, or involve anyone outside of the rescue network in the lifting and transport of any seal (unless explicitly requested to do so by our Animal Care team).
  • Get nice clear photos of the seal and the area he/she is found.
  • Please do not remove entanglements until the seal is safely back at Seal Rescue Ireland’s facility (unless explicitly requested to do so by our Animal Care team).
  • Your time, effort and commitment to helping us rescue sick, injured and orphaned seals from across the Republic of Ireland is hugely appreciated, and we’d like to thank you all very much for your tireless commitment.

Seal Rescue Ireland


Downloadable resources available below for your convenience. Access forms, guidelines, and essential documents for seal rescue efforts.

Stranding Network
Information Pack
Rescue Network
Training Presentation
Seal Fact
Healthy Vs Unhealthy
Accident Report
Seal transportation
Demo Video – How to
lift a seal using a cage
Demo Video – How to
lift a seal using a box

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Reach out to our dedicated Rescue Network Coordinator for assistance, guidance, and further information on how to get involved in our rescue efforts.

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