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As Ireland only Seal Rescue, we operate a vital 24-Hour Rescue Line 087-1955393 and coordinate over 130 Rescues per year (172 last year!). We are supported by over 600 specially trained Rescue Network Volunteers, who help us to monitor, and assess and transport seals in peril.


Found a Seal?

What to do when you
found a seal?

  • Keep a 100m distance – disturbance may lead to mothers abandoning pups.
  • Don’t touch seals – they are wild animals and will bite
  • Don’t put the seal in the water – they are on land for a reason.
  • Keep dogs on a leash – they may injure or pass diseases to each other.

Call us anytime! 24/7 Rescue hotline 087 1955393

24/7 Rescue Hotline
Report Dead Seal

How to tell if a seal needs help?


Keep an eye

Monitor the pup

  • Always follow the advice given to you by our trained, rescue hotline operator.
  • From a distance, monitor the pup and communicate with members of the public to ensure it’s safe until SRI’s trained volunteer arrives.

Call us anytime! 24/7 Rescue hotline 087 1955393

Pupping Season

What to look out for

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Common Seals

Born May – August

  • Born with waterproof fur.
  • Swim and hunt with mum.
  • Rarely on beach alone.
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Grey Seals

Born August – December

  • Born with fluffy white fur. (Not Waterproof)
  • Remain on land for first 4-6 weeks.
  • Rarely on beach alone.

To aid Seal Rescue Ireland’s research, you can report sightings of seals with flipper tags in the wild through the form below. Please include your contact details, location pin, and a detailed description of the seal with photos and videos. Your contribution is crucial to our conservation efforts.

Fill in the form below or give us a call 087 1955393


Seal Sightings

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