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We conduct coastline surveys, monitor local seal populations and carry out research into seal fatalities to develop a clearer picture of environmental hazards. We also support academic research projects from Universities.



Dead Seal Reporting for records

SRI keeps records of dead seals found and reported from across Ireland. Reports of dead seals provide us with invaluable data to gain insight into our wild populations and identify unusual cases or problematic areas. Each year we submit this data to the National Parks and Wildlife Service and keep them up to date on any unusual cases. To report a dead seal please click on the button below or contact us on our 24/7 Rescue Hotline 087 195 5393, and we will take all the necessary details from you. Please provide as much information as possible so we can keep our database as accurate as possible.Any details, no matter how minor can make
a difference!

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SEal Network

European Tagged Seal Network

Get involved with our Citizen Science Program!

We’re eager to collect data on seals sighted around the coast of Ireland. Specifically, we’re interested in sightings of tagged, entangled or deceased seals, with clear photographs and details regarding their exact location (beach name, county, etc.) and any other relevant information, sent via email to us below.

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Restoration Sites

What we are looking for:

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Tagged Seals

Many Marine Life Organisations will tag seals after rescue or during research. Seals with ID tags on their hind flippers are used by numerous seal rehabilitation centres around Europe to help us keep track of individuals who have received care and been released. Photos should betaken of the tag ideally with the number visible, but as this isn’t always possible, at least documenting the colour of the tag (each organisation uses a different colour) and which flipper it’s on (left for male or right for female). General pictures of the seal’s face and body should also be taken as some may have markings or scars we can identify.

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Entangled Seals

We keep a record of all seals trapped in nets, ropes or other marine debris to collate impact data from lost or dumped netting & fishing tackle.. Photos via email are appreciated for data collection. If a tangled seal sighted is ona beach in an accessible location call our rescue hotline as a rescue might be possible. As always our 24/7 Seal Rescue Hotline is always available for calls regarding a distressed seal.

Call us anytime! 24/7 Rescue hotline 087 1955393

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Deceased Seals

We keep a detailed record of deceased seals found around the Irish coastline.
We share this information with other marine life organisations. This can help
us to track all kinds things. such as patterns of cause of death, migrations of seals, lifespan, past patients etc. Photos of the body, no matter what stage of decay are appreciated, and please check if they have a tag on their rear flipper.

Whilst collecting data on seals is important for their conservation, we ask that you’re main at a safe and respectful distance whilst doing so and avoid causing undue stress to these wild animals.

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Join our dedicated team as a researcher
for Seal Rescue Ireland. Contribute to marine conservation efforts and make a tangible impact on the welfare of seals.

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Scientific Research

Scientific Research Conducted at the Seal Rescue Centre


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